Natalie Cole.

natalie-coleNatalie Cole passed away on New Year’s Eve from congestive heart failure in a Los Angeles hospital.
The legendary singer had health issues for years prior to her passing, but chose to keep quiet about them. “Natalie treasured her privacy and didn’t want to draw too much attention,” said Natalie’s Sister Casey.
Cole, most famous for her timeless song “Unforgettable” which debuted in 1991, was a debut with her late father Nat King Cole, who also was an outstanding musician. In her illustrious career she was nominated for 21 Grammy awards and won 9 of those. She also won 3 American Music Awards and 2 NAACP Image Awards.
Natalie had a long history of drug abuse, including the usage of heroin and crack cocaine. In 2007, she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and had a kidney transplant in 2009. After the kidney transplant, Cole began to experience problems with her heart. As 2015 came to a close, her siblings knew that it was only a matter of time before she passed.
“When we came to the hospital and spent Christmas Eve with her it was a godsend,” Natalie’s Sister Timolin said. “We were very blessed and thankful to spend that very special day with her that she loved. It was her favorite time of year.”
Natalie is survived by her 38 – year – old son Robert Yancy.


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